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The 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Made By Successful Entrepreneurs And What To Do About Them

The 7 Biggest Financial Mistakes Made By Successful Entrepreneurs And What To Do About Them

And What To Do About Them

You are successful and an expert in what you do.

Are there opportunities in business that you may be missing?

They’ve Got It All Worked Out – Or Do They?

It seems logical that successful entrepreneurs have optimized finances. They have nice houses, boats and tropical vacation homes; they know what they are doing and have accessible expert advisors. Unfortunately, despite their success, their finances are often a mess.

As a Certified Financial Planning Professional®, Bruce Frankel has seen it all. In this book, he details the 7 biggest mistakes he’s seen his clients make – from owners to shareholders and executives.

Frankel explains how, through strategic financial planning with a team of trusted and collaborative experts, readers can turn these common mistakes into opportunities which can protect and grow wealth, now all the way through to their transition to retirement.

About the Author – Bruce Frankel

Bruce Frankel is an author and public speaker who is passionate about helping business owners take advantage of their unexplored opportunities. As the Managing Partner at Eckhoff Wealth Management LLC, Bruce uses his extensive experience and expertise in international and domestic business, entity and tax structuring, employee and executive benefits to assist readers with business planning – from inception to transition.

Business owners and executives look to Bruce for his background and knowledge in investment and tax planning. Having a strategic plan often reduces tax liabilities and makes it easier to save for retirement. Bruce’s motivation in writing his book is to share his creative approach to strategic planning, providing readers the information to build a legacy for their families and causes they care about.

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