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Eckhoff Wealth Management

Eckhoff Wealth Management

Our Mission

Eckhoff Wealth Management, LLC works closely with our strategic partner, Eckhoff and Company to seamlessly provide all of your financial services together under one roof. Our groundbreaking business model, creates a financial “one stop shop”.

We realize you are tired of bouncing from one advisor to another trying to make sense of the advice you receive. Our team is made up of licensed professionals that are committed to working together to build and protect client wealth. Our goal is to help you grow your resources, enabling you to care for the people and causes you are most passionate about.

Our Motto

“Do the right thing. Always do your best. Treat others as you want to be treated.”

– Lou Holtz, American football player, coach, and analyst.


You Are Invested In Your Growth

Our clients consist of successful business men and women, entrepreneurs and real estate investors. We successfully provide service for clients in nonprofits, the healthcare and the wine industries.

You may live near or far. The one commonality is that you realize the benefit of hard work and know how important it is to surround yourself with professionals who have your best interests at heart.


We Are Committed To Your Potential

We’ve teamed up to create a unique experience for you. Together with our sister company, Eckhoff and Company, you will find all of your professional financial specialists integrated and working together. Our goal is to work collaboratively so you thrive during the good times and weather the tough times.

We are the team that will develop a plan to position you and your family for the future, maximize the value of your assets and prepare for the transition from your career to retirement.

Together We Become a Specialized Team

Together we become a specialized team that develops your financial plan.

With your family, retirement and legacy in mind, we utilize all our professional resources to create a strategic, well thought out wealth management plan that is easy for you to implement in order to grow and protect your wealth and assets.