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Celebrating One Year of Our Strategic Joint Venture

Celebrating One Year of Our Strategic Joint Venture

SAN RAFAEL, CA – Eckhoff and Company, CPAs and Advisors (EAC) and Eckhoff Wealth Management, LLC (EWM) announced today that this June marks the one-year anniversary of their strategic joint venture to bring the professional experience of CPAs and CFP©s under one roof.

The companies formed their alliance in June 2017 to break away from what they saw as an outdated business model. “Our venture seeks to fix the fractured model of professional advisors working independently to advise clients on matters that are increasingly interrelated,” says Bruce Frankel, Managing Partner of Eckhoff Wealth Management, LLC. “We feel the fractured model is inefficient for clients at best and leaves them with contradictory advice at worst.”

“Our goal is to have our clients view us as their one-stop trusted advisors for their tax and financial advisory needs,” says Eric Briese, Partner of Eckhoff and Company.

“An in-house, integrated service model continues to be uncommon within the tax and financial services industries,” says Michele Hassid, Managing Partner of Eckhoff and Company. “We’re proud to be blazing the trail.”

The new integrated services model has allowed the companies to work together holistically to help clients with their complex tax, accounting and financial advisory needs. “The combination is a no-brainer,“ says Frankel. “We listened to our clients and purposefully established this model to ensure we provide them with a truly unique set of value-added services.”

The partners credit their company culture for the success of the joint venture. “We’re committed to a service model that brings robust value to our clients,” adds Hassid, “and we’re fortunate to have a team of forward-thinking professionals who share our vision.”

Eckhoff and Company is an accountancy firm serving the Bay Area since 1955. Eckhoff Wealth Management, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of California. EAC and EWM provide a unique set of in-house, integrated services including consulting, tax, audit, accounting, financial planning and wealth management. Learn more at and

Advisory services are offered by Eckhoff Wealth Management, LLC a Registered Investment Advisor in the State of California. CPA products and services are offered through Eckhoff and Company, an affiliated company.


For more information, contact Catherine Layton at [email protected] or 415-499-9400.

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