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Choosing a Financial Advisor That’s Right For You

Choosing a Financial Advisor That’s Right For You

10 Things To Consider

Be sure the choices you are making today, are the right choices for you and your family’s future. And the choice – selecting a financial advisor – is an important one that will either increase or decrease the likelihood of you achieving your vision for yourself, your family and your business.

What You’ll Learn

As a successful professional, small business owner, entrepreneur or corporate executive you have worked hard, saved your money, and likely built a nest egg. You may have retired – or plan to retire at some point – and want to live your life comfortably and securely. Or you may be a business owner who needs to take advantage of your unique opportunities to keep more of what you are making while optimizing the value of your business for an eventual transition. Perhaps you need to put your children (or grandchildren) through school but want to leave a financial legacy for your family. Or you may be charitably inclined and want your estate to provide for a cause you care about deeply.

Whatever stage of life you are in or whatever your financial objectives are, it’s likely you’ve worked hard toward building wealth and security for you and your family, and you know that wealth – true wealth – has many dimensions. Personal, social, spiritual, human, and intellectual capital are all components of true wealth that cannot be taken away. If planned and implemented correctly, even in death.

Building and protecting financial wealth has grown increasingly difficult, particularly in recent years. The financial markets have grown more complex, more volatile and more confusing to everyone, even the most sophisticated in our communities. And getting the most out of your investment dollar – while controlling risk – is more important than ever before.

About the Author – Bruce Frankel

Bruce Frankel

Bruce Frankel is an author and public speaker who is passionate about helping business owners take advantage of their unexplored opportunities. As the Managing Partner at Eckhoff Wealth Management LLC, Bruce uses his extensive experience and expertise in international and domestic business, entity and tax structuring, employee and executive benefits to assist readers with business planning – from inception to transition.

Business owners and executives look to Bruce for his background and knowledge in investment and tax planning. Having a strategic plan often reduces tax liabilities and makes it easier to save for retirement. Bruce’s motivation in writing his book is to share his creative approach to strategic planning, providing readers the information to build a legacy for their families and causes they care about.

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